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بیوتکر سفیر ترویج زیست فناوری و مرجع دانستی های بیوتکنولوژی. اینجا با هم کلی کتاب و مقاله علمی با موضوعات جذاب می خونیم


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Work Experience


In University LAB in Tehran University :

Bacterial and fungal culture, Co-culture of the fungus, work Principles, work with stirred tank bioreactor, bubble column bioreactor, and membrane bioreactor, primer design, A variety of bacterial lysis methods, Electrospinning, Tape Casting, Solidworks software


Expert of Molecular Analysis at Livogen Pharmed (January 2019 to March 2020):

DNA and RNA Extraction from viruses, bacteria, and cells- plasmid DNA extraction – cDNA synthesis – Real-time PCR – PCR – gel electrophoresis – Recovery of DNA from agarose gel – Preparation of Competent bacteria – Gene Cloning – Flow cytometry

آشنا به اصول GLP ، Validation ، ایزو 9001:2015

Expert of Cell Culture at Livogen Pharmed (April 2020 to March 2021):

Cell Culture, Freezing Cells, Thawing Frozen Cells, Familiar work in cleanroom class C – Cell Bank Preparation and Characterization, Cell seeding, sequencing analysis (Gene Runner) – DNA Barcoding – worked on cell line VERO, BHK, MRC5, MDCK, MDBK, CHO, SF9


Expert of Marketing at Livogen Pharmed (January 2019 to September 2021):

  • Expert:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, WordPress, SEO,

Digital Marketing, E.mail Marketing, Debugging in WordPress

  • Familiar :

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Indesign, HTML Coding


Launching website :

Biotecher.ir , livogen.co , sinaclon.ir , labazma.ir , lab-tek.ir


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